About Isabelle Léourier

An artist of multiple talents

From the body to décor, an inspired path
After training as a designer/pattern maker and then as a milliner in Paris in the 80s, her expertise in the manipulation of textiles and feathers opened the doors to the world of luxury. She collaborates with Parisian and forgein haute-couture fashion houses : Christian Lacroix, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Stéphane Rolland, Christian Josse, Valentino, Alexandre de Paris, Jun Ashida … She continues offering all the while her own collections of head ornaments and artist’s jewellery.

Affirming her personality as a diversified and inspired artist, she inhabits the world of décor and art galleries through her heightened vision of nature, her magical visions and her sculptures.



Along the thread of creation

The fragile and the tenuous, void and shadow, absence and energy, power and vitality … These are the true sources which give life to the works of Isabelle Léourier. An unfettered and surprising sculptor, when she turns her attention to textiles, steel, feathers or resin, she veers away from known techniques and transgresses them. Sewing, embroidery, jewellery, featherwork, modelling and moulding nourish her taste for experimentation. The creator gives her own definition of textile sculpture, sensitive and contemporary, somewhere between abstraction and figuration. She brings forth her vision of a living world whose charm lies in nothing more than its visible appearance. The magic of her work emanates modesty. Her universe is a murmur chanting of expectation and hope in the future, with an intimate and shielding force.



2019      Puvis de Chavanne Prize, SNBA. Paris
2019      Silver Medal, SNBA. Paris
2019      1st Prize O.D.I.  Paris/China
2014      Nominated for the Grand Prizes of the City of Paris
2012      1st Prize Picardie Regional Competition AAF             
2011       Nominated for “L’intelligence de la main”
               Liliane Bettencourt Foundation
2006     Nominated for the Grand Prizes of the City of Paris
2004     1st Prize in the Departemental SEMA Contemporary Creation  2003     Nominated for the Talents du Luxe